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Astaba Group as one of the fastest-growing international subsidiary companies of HNP holding, is active in the fields of trade, consulting, marketing and online B2B. While participating in numerous business projects in the Middle East, East Asia, and South East Asia, Astaba Group and its subsidiary divisions focus on the markets of Iran and South Korea.

After the lifting of international sanctions on Iran in 2016, the trend of investment and capital inflow to Iran began to hint a period of rapid growth for the Iranian economy. Under the shadow of this, Astaba Group, in close cooperation with various Iranian organizations, has prepared industry-specific and market-specific business strategies and road maps to assist and consult its international clients and guarantee their success in entering the Iranian market.


Astaba Group with its subsidiaries in Iran and South Korea is active in fields of Iran-Korea business consulting, Import and export of chemicals, platform development, joint venture projects between Iran and Korea, export and localizing Korean cosmetics in Iranian market, export of Iranian fruits and nuts to neighbor countries, Europe and South Korea.




After the nuclear deal was reached, foreign countries including south Korea appear to be rushing to rekindle business with the Islamic Republic of Iran, which had been cut off from global trade for the past decade. While the oil and gas sector gets the most attention, Iran’s diversified economy is attracting companies across industries. In particular, consumer-oriented sectors are counting on Iran’s large (nearly 80 million), young (more than 60% under 30 years old), and urbanized (more than 70%) population to be loyal customers in the future.

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KoreaIran B2B Platform

Through KoreaIran.com, the capable Korean small and medium sized enterprises can promote their products and services to a wide range of Iranian businessmen, importers and related enterprises in Iran and Farsi speaking neighboring countries.

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Astaba Wholesale

Astaba.com is one of the leading online wholesale and B2B marketplace portal that facilitate trading needs of Iranian and Chinese small and medium sized companies. As the largest Iranian wholesale enterprise, Astaba Group’s strategists design the most suitable marketing strategy for small and medium sized companies to present their products in the Iranian market.

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We at Astaba Group, continuously update our business partners with the latest economical news of Iran and South Korea, expo and exhibitions, important gatherings and business meetings, trading offers and business tips to grow their businesses.