the largest Iranian trade, consulting, and Online b2b enterprise in South Korea


Astaba Group as one of the largest Iranian companies in South Korea, proudly provides the following services for Korean companies.
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Astaba Group combines objective analysis and years of field experience to accommodate its clients’ needs in creating and developing their brands and succeed in international trade.

Exploiting Untouched Markets

Iran is the last untouched major market in the world. Through using different tools, Astaba Group possesses a comprehensive database of Iran-Korea trade and business relations.

B2B enterprise for Korean companies

Astaba Group makes it possible for companies to market their high quality products in Iran through employment of Astaba Group’s online marketing tool: Astaba B2B Enterprise.

Accurate and In-depth Market Analysis

Having in-depth understanding of consumers’ expectations and the ability to conduct business strategies to satisfy such expectations are backbones of every successful business project.

Efficient Allocation of Marketing Investment

Astaba Consulting provides consultancy services to optimise the Marketing Return on Investment for Korean companies that trade with Iran or invest in Iranian domestic projects.

Pricing Management Solutions

What enables Astaba Consulting to determine the best price for every product and service is its deep knowledge of Iran’s business flow and marketing strategies.

Strategic Channel Management

Astaba Consulting’s clients achieve shorter business cycles thanks to improved sales channels, which allows them to reinvest the earlier-than-planned return of their investment.

گروه تجاری آستابا

گروه آستابا متشکل از بازرگانان و متخصصان با تجربه در زمینه تجارت بین المللی با هدف فراهم آوردن بستری مناسب برای فعالیت بازرگانان ایرانی در کره جنوبی و بازرگانان کره ای در ایران گرد هم آمدند. گروه آستابا با تکیه بر شبکه گستره بازرگانان کره ای و ایرانی توانسته در سالیان اخیر موجبات توسعه و رشد سوددهی شرکت های مراجعه کننده و شرکای خود را فراهم سازد. امید است تا با ارائه بهترین خدمات ضمن کسب اعتماد و خشنودی مشتریان و شرکای تجاری، موجب اعتلای نام ایران در بازارهای جهانی شویم